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28mm Terrain/Buildings

JR Miniatures Buildings and Terrain now at 30% off!

JR Miniatures has just annouced that they not renewed the lease on their warehouse/factory and they will no longer be making buildings and terrain.  JR makes great stuff, and while supplies last we are clearing out our JR Miniatures Inventory at 30% off!

This sale is first come, first served, when we run out we cannot get any restock.  Any item that we cannot supply we will refund immediately, and will ship the rest of your order.


28mm - Rivers
28mm - Roads
28mm Cemetary
28mm Desert Terrain
28mm Fantasy/Medieval Buildings
28mm Middle East Buildings
28mm Napoleonic
28mm SciFi Buildings/Terrain
28mm Steampunk Buildings/Terrain
28mm US ACW/19th Century Buildings
28mm US AWI/Colonial Buildings
28mm US Old West Buildings
28mm World War II Buildings
Battlefront Terrain Sets