Federation Commander Orion Attack

Federation Commander: Orion Attack

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Federation Commander: Orion Attack

The nearly final (as of late February 2008) list of ships:
Orion Battle Raider
Orion War Destroyer
Orion Battlecruiser
Orion Heavy Battlecruiser
Orion Double Raider
Orion Slaver
Orion Free Traitor
Commercial Platform
Large Q-ship
Small Q-ship
Defense Satellites
Hydran Gendarme
Lyran Military Police
Gorn Frigate
Romulan SeaHawk

Bonus ships (counters only; ship cards found in the associated boosters): Orion OK6, Orion DN, Orion Heavy Cruiser

Though originally announced as an Origins 2008 release, ADB has indicated that it's now a September 2008 product.