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Anima is a series of games conceived as a combination of Japanese and Western art, myth, and styles of play. It offers innovative rules and background that incorporate the most striking elements of both styles.

Anima's style is manga, but that doesn't mean it lacks any of the elements every die-hard role-playing, card game, or miniatures fan expects in a game.

Several great Japanese illustrators, whose work has appeared in well-known videogames and animated series, have collaborated on the project together with European authors. The result is a refreshing visual blend we are sure will please even the most discriminating gamer.

As you browse this site, you will explore the world of Gaïa, meet some of its most famous inhabitants, and be introduced to three unique, original, and exciting games each set beyond fantasy in the world of Anima.

Anima Tactics Light Faction
Anima Tactics Dark Faction
Anima Tactics Neutral Faction
Anima Tactics Azur Alliance
Anima Tactics Black Sun
Anima Tactics Church
Anima Tactics Empire
Anima Tactics Samael
Anima Tactics Wanderer
Anima Tactics Wissenschaft