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It’s the early hours of 6 June, and whether you are commanding one of the parachute divisions landing deep behind enemy lines, or about the hit the beach in an assault company, you know that you are at a turning point in the war. This is it!

Overlord puts you in command of one of the many Allied companies in Normandy and Brittany. There are several new companies to field, but there are also dozens of new variants on the old ones. making this book a lot more comprehensive than pervious publications.

There are paratroopers for commanders who like elite forces, infantry for those who enjoy raw firepower, dashing armoured cars and tank destroyers, and tanks for fast, aggressive leaders. The battle for France has begun, and you now have every tool available to sweep the Nazis aside and claim victory on the field of battle.

300 Page Fullcolour Hardback Book
British Companies
Parachute Company
Airlanding Company
NEW Airborne Armoured Recce Squadron
Commando (Beaches)
Commando (Orne)
Assault Company
Desert Rats Armoured Squadron
Armoured Recce Squadron
Armoured Squadron
Canadian Armoured Recce Squadron
Motor Company
Lorried Rifle Company
NEW Armoured Car Squadron Tank Squadron
NEW Independent Armoured Squadron
NEW Rifle Company
NEW Recce Squadron

American Companies
Parachute Rifle Company
Glider Rifle Company
Assault Company
Ranger Battalion (Normandy)
Ranger Battalion
Medium Tank Company
Light Tank Company
Armored Rifle Company
Armored Recon Company
NEW Cavalry Recon Troop Rifle Company
NEW Tank Destroyer Company Task Force A