Bolt Action Starter Set - Pegasus Bridge BOX

Bolt Action Starter Set - Pegasus Bridge BOX


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Bolt Action Starter Set - Pegasus Bridge BOX

This awesome set contains everything you need to recreate the daring raid that paved the way for the Allied D-Day invasion.
The Mission

The mission, in the opening minutes of the Normandy landings, was to capture the Bénouville Bridge and the nearby Ranville Bridge in order to prevent German reinforcements from reaching the beaches, where Allied forces were pouring ashore. 180 men, led by Major John Howard, landed close to their targets in gliders. Using the element of surprise, they were tasked with seizing the bridges, and more importantly, hold them against the inevitable German counter attack. Bénouville Bridge was later renamed Pegasus Bridge, in reference to the shoulder emblem worn by the British Airborne forces.
The Battlefield

Using the contents of the battle set, you can really set the scene for this pivotal battle. The centrepiece is a laser-cut model of the bridge itself, accompanied by models of the Cafe Gondre, as well as a pill box, a gun pit and even two telegraph poles!
The Forces

Next come the forces themselves - for the defenders, 20 German infantry, backed up with a 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and MG42 machine gun team. The attackers are a 10-man British Airborne squad plus a 2-man PIAT team, and an exclusive model of Major John Howard, which is only available in this set. You'll also get decal sheets for both the sides to help you prepare your forces for battle.
The Rules

Last but not least the box includes a scenario booklet that describes how to set up and fight the battle for Pegasus Bridge. (Remember, this is a supplement for the Bolt Action game, so you'll need a copy of the core rules too!)

Box Contents:

    Laser-cut Bridge
    Laser-cut Cafe Gondres
    Resin Gun Pit
    Metal 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and 3 crew
    Laser-cut Pillbox
    Metal German MG42 MMG team
    2 laser-cut telegraph poles (on the Cafe sheets)
    20 plastic German Infantry and plastic bases
    Major John Howard and plastic base (exclusive new model)
    10 man British Airborne squad and plastic bases
    2-man PIAT team and plastic bases
    Scenario booklet
    Decal sheets for the Paras and Heer