Infinity Ariadna Ariadna Spetsnaz - Sniper Rifle (1)

Infinity Ariadna: Ariadna Spetsnaz - Sniper Rifle (1)

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Infinity Ariadna: Ariadna Spetsnaz - Sniper Rifle (1)

The walking Death' was how the Antipode tribes dubbed the Spetsnaz after their first encounters during the First Offensive. Experts in parachute operations, close quarters combat, guerilla tactics, ambush and assault, the Ariadna Spetsnaz are heir to the long dirty war tradition of the Russian Special Forces, only filtered through the brutal sieves of Cossack discipline and the demands of a hostile environment such as planet Dawn.

At the Dacha (familiar name for the Cossack Spetsnaz School), the candidates, themselves hand-picked from amongst the best, are trained by the most merciless that Ariadna can offer. The outcome of this vicious training is a group of highly-prepared commandos with an exceptional set of skills.

  • 1 Kazak Spetznazs (Sniper Rifle)