Infinity Ariadna Para-Commandos 3 - HMG (1)

Infinity Ariadna: Para-Commandos 3 - HMG (1)

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Infinity Ariadna: Para-Commandos 3 - HMG (1)

“Preux et audacieux” (Proud and audacious) 1st Para-command Regiment motto.

The First of Para-Commandos is the Merovingian airborne infantry regiment that serves as an immediate response and interdiction unit.

Para-Commandos are the first to arrive in combat, usually deployed even before the battle starts. The role of the First of Para-Commandos is to do the nasty work of the light infantry: airborne incursions, rapid advances, ambushes and fast retreats to the recovery point. The Para-Commandos are the typical guys who have a dangerous job which they love. Blusterers? If they were not as good as they are nobody would forgive them for being so vain…