Dropzone Commander PHR Angelos Jetskimmer/Angelos A2

Dropzone Commander PHR: Angelos Jetskimmer/Angelos A2


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Dropzone Commander PHR: Angelos Jetskimmer/Angelos A2

As the PHR become more embroiled in outright conflict on the Cradle Worlds, more intelligence is being gathered about their war engines and constructs. Given their frightening efficiency and hit and run tactics, it has taken this long for UCM intelligence services to start correctly identifying alternative weapons and chassis of vehicle in this secretive race’s arsenal.

The Angelos A2 is one such vehicle. Originally it was classified under a standard Angelos build, most often delivering Longreach rifle squads into buildings and lending long range demolitions support to the battlefield. Due to the reports of Commander Wade in one recent action, we now have more intel on this deadly new close support vehicle.

Spotting a pair of Angelos heading for an entrenched position (in a seemingly futile attack), Wade ordered the retreat of the troops, knowing full well that PHR would have some trick up their sleeves. Sadly, the extraction was not as timely as necessary, and when the A2’s arrived those infantry still in the position found to their horror that these transport were equipped with high-powered flamethrowers. Two units of Heavy hazard suits and three squads of Legionnaires were lost to the initial onslaught, followed by all remaining men when the Angelos disgorged their cargo of Sirens.

Full rules and background for Angelos A2 are available free from the Hawk Wargames website.

Angelos A2 Jetskimmer (Shares Blister with Angelos Jetskimmer)
2 models per blister
Length: 41mm