Dropzone Commander PHR Hyperion Heavy Walkers (2)

Dropzone Commander PHR: Hyperion Heavy Walkers (2)


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Dropzone Commander PHR: Hyperion Heavy Walkers (2)

Hyperion Heavy Walkers
This Type-2 variant is equipped with the lethal RX-1000 'Sunspear' battlefield laser. It can destroy enemy armour from beyond the effective range of return fire, allowing it to operate with virtual impunity.

Type 2 battle walkers are considerably heavier than the Type 1, and are employed when only a sledgehammer will suffice. The Type-2 chassis is essentially a hardened version of the Type-1, and trades mobility for devastating firepower. In various guises, they provide heavy fire support in a highly resilient package. The mere sight of a squadron of these imposing juggernauts is often enough to send the enemy running for cover, in fear of the rain of munitions they can bring to bear.

Two models per blister
10mm Scale

Height: 31mm (gun levelled)

6 Resin Components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted