Dropzone Commander PHR Immortal Longreach Team

Dropzone Commander PHR: Immortal Longreach Team


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Dropzone Commander PHR: Immortal Longreach Team

The Longreach Rifle is routinely carried by a heavy weapon bearer among regular Immortal Teams. On occasion however, whole squads have been sighted armed with these formidable antimatierial rifles. Individually they are certainly dangerous, but collectively they are utterly lethal to armoured units, where the weight of superbly accurate, large calibre, high velocity fire can find chinks in any protection.

Longreach teams are also consummate anti-personnel snipers whenever called to the task, where their high powered weapons represent total overkill against the heaviest infantry armour. They are also equipped with adaptive camouflage cloaks, giving them a measure of concealment against any return fire.

Experimental rules and background for the Immortal Longreach Team can be found on the Hawk Wargames website.

Four 5-man stands per blister
10mm Scale

20 White metal figures
Supplied with four 45x22mm resin bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted