Dropzone Commander Resistance AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship (1)

Dropzone Commander Resistance: AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship (1)


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Dropzone Commander Resistance: AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship (1)

The AT-77 Lifthawk was the most ubiquitous aerial transport vehicle of the pre-war years and many are still flying with Resistance forces today. Its muscular and robust VTOL design has made it possible to operate this workhorse from almost any secluded outpost. It is exceptionally well made, features many redundant systems and had a production cost that would be inexcusable to present day UCM military planners. By today’s standards, the Lifthawk is an enormous, bloated dinosaur. Despite being able to carry the same number of vehicles as the UCM Condor, it is over twice the weight empty. It is a gas-guzzler of legendary proportions and has a very short range compared to all its modern contemporaries. The AT-77’s service ceiling is also only a third of the Condor’s, making it useless for high atmo drops. However, it was never designed for such operations, but has a higher lifting capacity and can be run on poorer quality fuels.

1 x AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship per blister 
Wingspan: 89mm 
10mm Scale 

Five Resin components and one acrylic flight stand
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted