Dropzone Commander Resistance Storm Wagon/Thunder Wagon

Dropzone Commander Resistance: Storm Wagon/Thunder Wagon


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Dropzone Commander Resistance: Storm Wagon/Thunder Wagon

The Resistance have always proven themselves nothing if not inventive. If a problem presents itself, they will adapt, avoid, adjust…or smash it to pieces. The Thunder Wagon is a clear example of the ‘Smash it to Pieces’ problem solving strategy. They take position behind the front line, co-ordinate with forward scouts and then deploy their Golgotha Missiles one at a time, causing untold havoc to the enemy. The missiles themselves are un-subtle weapons of destruction, tipped with heavy armour plating and packed with explosives. Even the most effective countermeasures are little proof against the weight of a Golgotha Missile, which spreads death and destruction over a wide area even if detonated before impact.

Needless to say the effect on structures is equally awe inspiring and horrific, ripping huge chunks of masonry, superstructure and support out of even the largest building, and often reducing smaller buildings to little more than rubble with one hit.

Full rules and background for Thunder Wagon are available free from the Hawk Wargames website.

Thunder Wagon (Shares blister with Storm Wagon)
3 models per blister
Length: 45mm