Dropzone Commander Scourge Stalker

Dropzone Commander Scourge: Stalker


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Dropzone Commander Scourge: Stalker

The Stalker is a highly aggressive frontline tank hunter unit, designed to deliver crippling damage to the heaviest armoured units at close range using its frighteningly powerful electroweb caster. This weapon projects a pair of wickedly sharp darts, followed by a wire filament through which a cataclysmic electric charge is passed. This awesome power fries the electronics, core systems and living bodies inside the unfortunate target, leaving a stench of vitrified internals and seared flesh in its wake.

The Stalker fulfills a role broadly similar to the smaller Prowler, although the Stalker is more suited to direct, frontline assaults where its much heavier armour lends it greater survivability. Indeed, it is clad in some of the heaviest armour available to any Scourge general, providing an unsubtle line breaker for situations where finesse is likely to fail.

Three models per blister
10mm Scale
Height: around 29mm (varies)

Seven Resin components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted