Dropzone Commander UCM Legionnaire Flak Teams

Dropzone Commander UCM: Legionnaire Flak Teams


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Dropzone Commander UCM: Legionnaire Flak Teams

When entering structures AA teams are quick to cover any approach vectors that enemy aircraft could use to counter attack, securing the skies while their ground-pounding comrades search for potential intelligence resources, mission objectives, or secure the building.

The man portable UM-17 Anti-Aircraft Weapon fires a terrifying stream of heavy calibre shells at the rate of hundreds of rounds a minute. Micro-computer aided targeting gimbals and a tipped phosphorus tracer rounds fired every 10th allow for accurate targeting, and overlapping fire training ensures that the enemy will be brought down with ease.

Experimental rules and background for the Legionnaire Flak Teams can be found on the Hawk Wargames website.

Four 6-man stands per blister

10mm Scale

12 White metal figures

Supplied with four 45x22mm injection moulded plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted