Dropzone Commander UCM Seraphim Strike Fighter/Retaliator

Dropzone Commander UCM: Seraphim Strike Fighter/Retaliator


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Dropzone Commander UCM: Seraphim Strike Fighter/Retaliator

New operational parameters and a changing landscape have meant new thinking for many UCM designs. The production of the Seraphim Retaliator is a direct response to these changes, most notable in topography and enemy tactics. The Seraphim was originally designed to test Human Plasma weaponry and deliver a structure-levelling payload, and is frighteningly effective at both.

However, battlefronts such as Star Casablanca on Eden Prime and the outskirts of Granum on Elysium Prime are either too spread out or too densely populated with structures to make a single strike worthwhile.

The Retaliator has a more obtuse approach. Instead of attacking singular buildings or ground targets, it saturates an area with a deadly payload of multiple high-explosive missiles. This is highly effective against enemy armour and dug-in units alike, and has a sweeping (if unsubtle) destructive impact on multiple small structures in one area. The crew can then trigger the Havenfire system to mop up any unit’s hardy – or foolhardy – enough to be in the target area.

Full rules and background for Seraphim Retaliator are available free from the Hawk Wargames website.

Seraphim Retaliator (Shares blister with Seraphim Strike Fighter)
1 model per blister
Length: 82mm
Wingspan: 58mm