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The Foundry Paint story, in their own words:

Here at Foundry, we've been propelled into manufacturing our own densely pigmented water-based acrylic paints by our desire to fulfil two separate objectives: Paint quality and colour range.

Nobody seems to make paints that really cover your model; the density of pigment just isn't there any more. The palette we use for our own painting just doesn't exist in other people's paint ranges either. Customers are constantly asking how we achieve the painting style we show in our catalogues, release sheets and adverts. For years we've been trying to explain how we mix the colours and apply the layered shading techniques developed by our own Kevin Dallimore.

So, we were left with little choice but to develop our own paints, and present them as a self-explanatory system that allows our customers to easily adopt the mechanics of our in-house shading method, and our own particular colour palette. We don't like seeing garish models that offend the eye with sickly brightness, but we really enjoy presenting our models in such a way that they have a gentle, warm glow. As most of our models are of a military nature, they feature a range of colours that could be simply drab and dull, but we mix pleasant, warm buffs and tans, sophisticated earthy and stone shades and gently glowing reds, blues and greens.

Many of our customers tell us they have a problem mixing their shading colours. They are disappointed when their models take on a dirty, murky tone when shading is applied, and when they cannot find a complimentary highlighting shade that brings out the three dimensionality of the sculpting. We have manufactured the range of colours we wanted to be able to buy straight off the shelf, and we've arranged the colours in sets of three; each providing a main colour teamed up with the shade and highlight that we would choose to use ourselves, so you'll never have to mix any of the colours yourself.

The Wargames Foundry paints are excellent in quality and especially useful for painting historical miniatures, or miniatures that you just want to give a more natural look. I am not much of a paint mixer, so I dont have much use for eyedropper paint bottles and I have always liked painting right out of the bottle. Foundry gives me what I like! And dont be stickershocked by the pricing, each bottle is a full 20ml, compare that to GW's 12ml!

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