GW Related Hobby Products

I know a lot of you play Games Workshop games. On this page we have a list of manufacturers who make products that are the same scale or otherwise work well with Games Workshop miniature games. Let's go thru this as logically as possible.


Cleaning and Preparation

  • A clean and protected surface to work on is Job one. Slip Grip makes the best work mats we have ever seen - nearly indestructible, and even super glue wont stick to it!
  • For cleaning, prep work, sculpting or conversions you need high quality tools. Take a look at our collection of top quality Hobby Tools.




Figure Storage

  • Your carefully painted minis need to be protected during storage and transportation. The Sabol Army Transport is the best way to store and protect your valuable collection!

Army Selection

  • Headed for this week's battle? Use the universally recognized leader in Army Selection software -- Army Builder!

Tabletop and Terrain

Ready to start the War?

Are you a Big Fan of the Games Workshop Game Universe? Check out these GW Universe Licensed Products!