Hordes Minions Farrow Warlock Sturm & Drang

Hordes Minions: Farrow Warlock Sturm & Drang

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Hordes Minions: Farrow Warlock Sturm & Drang

The monstrous two-headed creation called Sturm and Drang is proof of Dr. Arkadius’ mad genius. The key to this breakthrough was placing two strong wills in opposition within a single body. Psychic feedback crackles between their individual minds, driving them into a battle frenzy of escalating power. Engineered to dominate and subjugate, the pair have perfect command over the war hogs of the farrow and can unleash magic of mind-rending power and explosive force.

The warlock Sturm & Drang comes in a blister. A player may field one Sturm & Drang in a Minion army under the Thornfall Alliance Pact.