Hordes Skorne Nihilators BOX - SPECIAL SALE

Hordes Skorne: Nihilators BOX - SPECIAL SALE

SKU: PIP 74048

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Hordes Skorne: Nihilators BOX - SPECIAL SALE

The skorne code of hoksune is an unforgiving ethos when carried to extremes. Those warriors who totally embrace their destiny are frightening, utterly committed warriors. These merciless savages endure pain so frequently that they are inured to all but the most grievous of wounds as they methodically slaughter all who stand in their path. Each nihilator wishes for nothing less than a glorious death after carrying out an unspeakable slaughter.

The Nihilators unit comes in a box (PIP 74048). A player may field up to two units of Nihilators for each warlock in a Skorne army