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It is an age of battles, of mighty heroes, foul creatures and darkest sorcery. The heavens resound to the clash of swords and the screams of the dying, and the ground shakes as epic armies march to war. The world is caught in endless struggle between the many different armies and the Kings who lead them... On whose side will you stand?

Kings of War is Mantic Games range of fantasy miniatures. Designed for collectors, modellers and gamers of all fantasy war games.

Kings of War - Rulebooks and Accessories
Kings of War - Basilea
Kings of War - Dwarves
Kings of War - Elves
Kings of War - Goblin
Kings of War - Khaos Dwarves
Kings of War - Ogres
Kings of War - Orcs
Kings of War - Twilight Kin
Kings of War - Undead
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