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Warmachine Cryx: Blackfleet Theme Force (mixed resin/metal) BOX ~ MAR 9

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Warmachine Cryx: Blackfleet Theme Force (mixed resin/metal) BOX ~ MAR 9


Chum the Water with Their Guts!

Composed of horrifying blighted trollkin, the Slaughter Fleet is a weapon of horror and carnage wielded by the Nightmare Empire. The cannibalistic Bloodgorgers emerge from the holds of the fleets vessels and sow bloodshed and terror against the mainland, waging brutal campaigns of slaughter. General Gerlak Slaughterborn leads these bloody campaigns, hacking through his opponents in a spray of gore.

Take command of these merciless pirates with this box, which contains a full crew of Slaughter Fleet raiders ready to support your warcaster’s battlegroup!

Combine this box with the Cryx battlegroup box to build a complete 35-point army!


34059 General Gerlak Slaughterborn – Cryx Solo (resin/metal)

34103 Bloodgorgers – Cryx Unit (10) (resin/metal)

34144 Black Ogrun Iron Mongers – Cryx Unit (3) (resin/metal)

34145 Jussika Bloodtongue – Cryx Character Bloodgorger Command Attachment resin/metal)

34146 Scharde Dirge Seers – Cryx Unit (3) (metal)

34147 Misery Cage – Cryx Solo (1) (resin)

WARMACHINE is a fast-paced and aggressive 32 mm fantasy tabletop miniatures battle game set in the nations of the Iron Kingdoms. Take control of a powerful warrior-sorcerer called a warcaster and his warjacks—large steam-powered machines built for war—as you fight to destroy the enemy warcaster.