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The GW Internet Orders Policy

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Many people, especially our new customers want to know why we don't have our Games Workshop products in an online shopping cart. For years TheWarStore.com has been one of, if not the largest seller of Games Workshop products on the internet. And yet since July 15th 2003 we have been forced by Games Workshop's Policies to sell Games Workshop products without the benefit of an online shopping cart. It is indeed a very odd situation.

In July of 2003 Games Workshop decided to reserve all internet sales to their own website, and in the interest of protecting their 'Intellectual Property' ("IP") they would no longer allow Web Sellers to post GW IP on private, commercial websites. A great deal of ink has been spilled debating the motivations and wisdom of this decision and I will not waste space here adding to the debate.

Since July of 2003 TheWarStore has strictly complied with the Games Workshop Internet policy. We have no Games Workshop shopping cart. However we do have a store stocked full of Games Workshop products and we still sell them everyday at 20% off Games Workshop US retail prices.

So, if you love Games Workshop products like we do, and would love to save money and get great personal service on your orders just give us a call on our order hotline - 631-765-0047 - Monday thru Friday 9AM to 6PM EST, Saturday 10AM to 3PM EST. Join the thousands of customers that have enjoyed shopping at TheWarStore since we first opened in 1999.

I know it isn't a shopping cart, but we do love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!
Neal Catapano