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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

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Through our affiliated distribution company E-figures Inc TheWarStore is pleased to offer wholesale pricing to US and International Hobby Stores. Ordering is simple, you can call us on our Order Hotline at 631 765 0047, email us the order, or best of all sign up for wholesale internet access and use the internet to place your order!

Our Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

  • Every Wholesale Order is subject to the same Terms and Conditions all other orders are subject to
  • There is no minimum order.
  • All Wholesale Orders are payable by Credit Card only. Paypal OK by special arrangement. No COD accepted. Personal Credit Card is fine.
  • US Wholesale Orders are Shipped by UPS Ground Only
  • US Wholesale Orders over $350.00 ship for $5.95, under $350.00 pay actual UPS charges. There is no free shipping level. Shipping charges not computed by the shopping cart will be added at time of shipping.
  • International Orders pay actual Shipping costs levied by USPS. Shipping charges not computed by the shopping cart will be added at time of shipping.

Our Wholesale Pricing:
We cannot go into detail here, but we match Alliance/ACD best rates on the following products:

  • Games Workshop
  • Privateer Press WarMachine/Hordes
  • Sabol Designs ArmyTransport
  • Vallejo Paint Game and Model Color
  • Gale Force Nine tokens/dice
  • Paintier Paint Carousel
  • Lone Wolf Army Builder

We also have distribution agreements and similar pricing on

  • Urban Mammoth/Urban War
  • FTE Zap Glues including pump spray Zip Kicker
  • MKP Gaming Mats
  • Kneadatite Putty
  • Evil Minions Marker Dice

Also, everything else on the site is wholesale priced 10 points over our cost, including Reaper, WOTC, etc... the only exceptions are Forge World and Perry Brothers, wholesale pricing on them is only 10% off retail :-(.

We are planning a downloadable pdf for our wholesale pricing, stay tuned for details!

Qualifying for a Wholesale Account
TheWarStore sells wholesale to bonafide brick and mortar establishments ONLY. Please call us (International may use email) to set up the account. We will need the following:

  • Your Business License and Tax ID numbers.
  • A commercially zoned brick and mortar address to ship to.
  • A Credit Card for billing, can be a business or personal card.

Email me if you have questions:
Give me a call to set it up: 631 765 5549

We look forward to serving you.