Malifaux Ten Thunders Samurai (3) PLASTIC BOX

Malifaux Ten Thunders: Samurai (3) PLASTIC BOX

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Malifaux Ten Thunders: Samurai (3) PLASTIC BOX

Powerful warriors from the Three Kingdoms, the heavily armed and armored Samurai are loyal servants of The Dragon. They march into battle, trusting in both their thick armor and fearsome Gatling guns. On the rare occasions that the enemy is able to draw close, a trusty Daito is always at hand.

Samurai are a mixture of high Armor, decent shooting, and good melee, which makes them good all-around models. Their Daito melee attack has a few useful Triggers and can be used in conjunction with the “Run Through” action to move, attack, and move again. Their Shoulder Gatling’s attack is a good attack action, but, if it misses, the Samurai suffers damage. They also get their choice of free upgrades, allowing each Samurai to be customized to the situation!