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In Warthrone, you will find all the good things you've come to expect from a 28mm scale miniatures based fantasy wargame. Plus, you will find a set of new concepts that put your tactical skills to the test like never before:

- An order issuing system that rewards strategy. Carefully positioning your Commanders will greatly improve the performance of your army, because they can support the orders that you issue to your units. This gives your character models a commanding role instead of simply being the strongest models on the tabletop.

- Alternate phases, reaction orders, and counter orders mean that you actively play, and you need to be eagle-eyed even during your opponent's phase.

- Formations give the game an extra layer of strategic depth. The formations that you arrange your units into will determine many important elements, such as their attacks, leadership, and momentum. A tactical player will keep his units in their most optimal formations at all times, and break his enemy unit's formations by charging and outflanking them. Even the most powerful unit is very easily defeated when its formation is broken! Scouting units make the competition start before units are even deployed. Choose your scouting units and use them wisely, to get an edge even before the battle begins. You can greatly influence not only the placement of scenery, but also the placement of your opponent's army.

- There are no tables to reference for stat comparisons. This makes resolving orders, magic, shooting, and combat really fast. The 3-roll interactive roll system - hit, defend, wound - gives enough variability to faithfully simulate a huge diversity of fantasy creatures.

- With Battle Morale, unit psychology is not only accounted for on a unit-by-unit basis, but also on a whole army basis: all the units in your army will be affected by the tides of battle, even those that may still be intact.

Can I use my existing miniature collection with Warthrone?
While AoW army lists are based on our own setting and our own miniatures, the Warthrone system is rich and detailed enough to faithfully and accurately portray any army list from another game system. Fans have already ported several armies from other wargames, such as Warhammer and Kings of War, into Warthrone. So, if you come from another system, you will find accurate rules to field each one of your miniatures (with no exception) in Warthrone!

What do I need to play?
You will find the Warthrone rulebook and all approved army lists for download here