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GF9 Magnetic Bases

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TheWarStore is pleased to introduce the new GF9 magnetic basing system!

So, what's new about it? First, GF9 took some extremely thick magnetic sheeting and "supercharged" it to give the bases maximum holding power. Then, they took a thin layer of black textured plastic and fused it to the top of the magnets under great pressure. Finally, they loaded the new magnetic hybrid into a CNC robotic cutter to slice out the desired base shapes, complete with the sloped, bevelled edge that we have all come to love.
The end result? New GF9 magnetic bases are many times stronger than anything currently available on the market! Stonger enough to hold my army in progress securely to the side of my file cabnet or upside down in a GF9 Movement Tray!

Check 'em out!