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Below is a list of Games Workshop products we have for sale here at TheWarStore. Please note it is Games Workshop Policy that these items cannot be ordered online in a shopping cart format, nor can we list pricing information. All TheWarStore prices are 15% off GW US MSRP, please check the GW website or
  CLICK TO EMAIL Us and get up to date price information.

Or to place an order for Games Workshop items, or any of the items on our site just give our order hotline a call at 631 765 0047.

Please make a note of the SKU numbers and product names so we can set up your order more efficiently.

Games Workshop will be limiting retailers to a maximum discount of 15% off MSRP starting on May 3rd. In anticipation of this, we have changed our prices to 15% off now, BUT until midnight on May 2nd, we will take an Extra 5% off of your Entire Order, including Games Workshop products!

Just use the coupon code MAYDAY when you order – online or by phone.  Also, if your order goes over $350, you can use the BIGV coupon for an additional 5% off your entire order!

At midnight on May 2nd, both of these coupons will stop working an there will be no extra discounts permitted on Games Workshop products above 15% off. However, at that point, all available Games Workshop products will be on our website.

Things go in and out of inventory very quickly with Games Workshop. We cannot put live inventory status on the site due to the volatility of the stock levels. We order twice a week, so we will do our best to get things in. Your order should ship in a week or less.