Battlefront Mid War Coming Soon!

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The Situation:
Battlefront is issuing the 4th edition of their enormously popular Flames of War Rules for World War II wargaming on March 12th.  In the following months, Battlefront will be releasing a whole slew of new miniatures, books, game aids and box sets!  

The Forces:
On the Flames of War PreOrder page are the products supporting their new rules for the next several months as supplied by Battlefront.  The focus is on Mid War in the North African desert for the launch. Later in the year Battlefront will to mid-war Eastern Front!

The Deal:
We are committed to getting you your stuff as quickly and cheaply as possible!  All of our Battlefront orders over $100.00 Ship FREE in the Continental US and to APO/FPO addresses.  For this special promotion you can order items from any of the dates on the PreOrder page.  As long as your ENTIRE ORDER order is over $100.00 we will ship EACH PART of the order as it comes in from Battlefront, the week it comes in! (Continental US and APO/FPO Orders only).

The Beneficial Twist:
We have PreOrdered several ‘sets’ of the new items. By TheWarStore PreOrdering the sets from Battlefront for the launch of 4th edition, we have locked ourselves into getting 100% of the quantities that we will need AND we are also one of the select stores that will be receiving the releases EARLY from Battlefront, which we can in turn get you the new releases early. With the way it is structured we will be getting two release blocks a month. Weeks 1 and 2 will come to us and ship to you during week one. Weeks 3 and 4 will ship to you during week 3. So get your PreOrders in NOW will make sure you are going to be one of the ones that will have the new miniatures early!

The FREE Stuff:
As before, those who have version 3 rulebooks can get a FREE copy of the rulebook from Battlefront, you can find that item on the PreOrder page as well (it is marked “FREE” 🙂 )