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Exclamation Gearmageddon reviews wanted
Hey all,

Jay Hyland from Exploding Goat Games... The Warstore was bold (or crazy) enough to pick up several copies of the new Gearmageddon starter box from us at GenCon Indy 2010... most got gobbled right up.

I'm hoping that some of you who have it would be so kind as to give us your honest impressions! No Holds Barred... I'm not looking for 'Yes-Men' here... Our philosophy is that games are only good if they fill the needs of the gamers that play them... sure we can enjoy Gearmageddon here at Exploding Goat but we're not exactly going to dominate the mini games world if we're the only ones buying our products!

Any questions, concerns, comments or feedback for us? (oh.. we're working on, but its in progress...)

The most important underlying rule in Gearmageddon is: if there's an unusual circumstance or contradition, or lack of clarity... ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF MAXIMUM DAMAGE.. PERIOD. In that spirit, take aim at the game and let me know what you think!

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