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Default Arcane Legions Review!
Warning! Its REALLY comprehensive. To save me having to copy and paste the image files that comprise the review, I am just gonna link to my blog where I first posted this massive review.

Its all the information on Arcane Legions you could possibly want, but probably don't!

(This link above is a more fluffy filled battle report. But it gives an idea how the game can play out and feel with a little imagination.)

(The above is also not a must read, but shows what the minis look painted by a sub par and slow painter who hates painting more than Gollum hates Bagginses. And some good organization ideas.)

Overall I really like the game and hope Warstore stocks it. Nobody locally is carrying much of anything from it yet and I would love to have the excuse to pick up a couple extra Han boosters. And maybe a little more of the Egyptian ones. And.. and... and...
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