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Default Force on Force miniatures
With the release of the FoF ruleset a few months ago, will you be adding any modern historical lines to your lineup? I have the ruleset and have been reading up before my first game. Seems like a pretty insteresting tabletop game given that it is scenario driven instead of kill or objective.

I have bought 15mm peter pig marines, HUMVEE, and a box of flashpoint taleban. There seems to be plenty of other manufacturers such as QRF, rebel minis, etc.

I am biased toward 15mm as most of my terrain is designed for it. There are quite a few 20mm lines.

Any thoughts on adding a line to support the ruleset?
Old 09-29-2011, 04:07 PM
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Default Re: Force on Force miniatures
I second this (specifically 15mm)! Especially with the Cold War Hot supplement coming in November!

Quality Castings would be another great addition.
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