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Default Incursion.
Incursion is the marriage of board game and a skirmish miniatures game. It is a stand alone game set in the alternate World War 2 vision of West Wind's Secrets of the Third Reich.

The game pits heavily armed and outfitted American GI's against the Nazi's deadliest secret weapons in an underground research base on the Island of Gibraltar.

The game borrows heavily from the GW's Space Hulk in terms of mechanics and gameplay, but this is not a bad thing. The rules are simple enough to get right away, but offer a wide variety of strategic decisions from the get go. There is also many more layers of depth that have been added in the terms of battle cards, and differing characters. I'll delve more into the gameplay after I've had some more sessions with the game, in part two of my review.

The boxed set comes with everything you'll need to play the game. A thick and gorgeously detailed two sided folding game board sets the action. The oodles of counters represent everything from zombies to the dreaded Doomsday device. Plastic stands are included to get the doors and figure counters up and ready for duty. The battle cards are in neat little resealable bags that should keep gaming geeks happy. The rulebook is nicely laid out, and includes several missions that can be strung together for a campaign or played in any order.

I quite like the fact that card counters are included for every figure needed to play the game. Metal miniatures are available for separate purchase (and are quite worth it) but I love the fact I can play with or without them. It's a boon for folks like me that have every intention of playing miniatures games just as soon as I get them painted I can't tell you how many games I've never got a chance to play because I could never field enough miniatures. This solves that problem, and allows me to enjoy the game WHILE I'm working on my metal stand ins.

Lastly, let me just comment on the size of the box. While that seems a goofy thing, the fine folks at GRINDHOUSE GAMES designed this game to fit nicely on a bookshelf. It's about the size of a good dictionary. (note, dictionaries' are large books us old fogies used to look up the meaning of words, now conveniently replaced by teh intraweb) This size factor is actually very cool, as most of my other board games will get stacked away in unruly fashion in a big closet, this one fits nicely on the bookshelf. Again, an odd pro, but a pro it is!

More to follow regarding gameplay, expandability, and gamer support in part 2 of my review.
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