Acts of War, Volume One Flash Point (novel)

Acts of War, Volume One: Flash Point (novel)

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Acts of War, Volume One: Flash Point (novel)

Lord General Coleman Stryker is one of the greatest heroes of the Iron Kingdoms. Chosen by his king to liberate the conquered lands of Llael from Cygnar’s long-standing foe, the Khadoran Empire, Stryker finds himself forced to work with one of his most bitter enemies—the exiled mercenary Asheth Magnus, a man to whom Cygnar’s king owes his life. To claim victory for his king, Stryker will have to find a way to put his faith in a man he can’t trust.

FEATURES: Setting the stage for the WARMACHINE story for years to come, Flash Point depicts Lord General Coleman Stryker on his mission to liberate an allied nation from the clutches of the Khadoran Empire. Sure to thrill every fan of WARMACHINE, this new entry point to the fiction of the Iron Kingdoms promises to bring the world to life like never before.