Micro Monsters

Micro Monsters


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Micro Monsters

Four armies of alien micro-monstrosities clash in a challenge to the last jump! Close your rival monsters' dimensional gates in an exciting contest of strategy and dexterity among the Autogators, Bigbears, Finbacks, and Turboturtles!

Two to four players can pick an ‘army’ of zany creatures, roll the special die and flip their micro monstrosities at their opponents just a few minutes after first opening the box.


Each player leads a unique race of micro-monsters, and protects a gate. Players seal each others’ gates by jumping on top of them with their micro-monster chits. The winner is the last player whose gate remains open.

The Micro Monsters box includes four breeds of creatures:

  • The angry, always-accelerating AUTOGATORS - These green, reptile-like wheeled monsters attempt to overwhelm the opposition with their maneuverability: when you get the special icon on the die you move two Autogators of your choice!
  • The bossy, brass-bolted BIGBEARS - Slow as stuffed teddy-bears can be, Bigbears want to stop everything that moves quickly, like those pesky Autogators for example! Get a special icon on the die and you can catch a creature in one of your traps.
  • The fuzzy, free-floating FINBACKS - As slippery as eels, these inflated, lighter-than-air creatures fly, flutter and flap their wings as they quickly close in to their targets. When you get a special icon on the die you can move a Finback twice in a row!
  • The toxic, tremor-triggering TURBOTURTLES - These rocket-propelled micro monsters are blazing hot from the flames that escape their exhausts, so hot that when they are going at full throttle no one can touch them! Get a special icon on the die and one on your Turboturtles can’t be captured!

A Micro Monsters match between two players can be played under fifteen minutes, while three or four players’ games last no more than half an hour on average.


  • 4 gate tokens
  • 12 energy tokens
  • 2 power tokens
  • 4 sets of plastic micro-monster chits (8 chits per set)
  • 4 monster-shooters
  • 4 dice
  • 4 sets of micro-monster stickers
  • 1 set of rules (Multi-language Edition: English, French, Spanish, Portoguese, Polish, Czech, Chinese; Italian Edition: Italian)

Number of Players: 2-4
Length: 20+
Age: 6+