Sails of Glory Bucentaure 1803/Robuste 1806

Sails of Glory: Bucentaure 1803/Robuste 1806


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Sails of Glory: Bucentaure 1803/Robuste 1806

The Bucentaure class ships of the line were a class of twenty-one 80-gun third rates, designed for French Navy by Jacques-Noel Sane. These powerful ships had a designed crew of around 500, and they were armed with 30 36-Pounder guns in the lowerdeck, 32 24-Pounder guns in the upperdeck, 18 12-Pounder guns in the quarterdeck.

Bucentaure was the lead ship of her class and was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Latouche Treville, died on board on 18 August 1804. Vice-Admiral Villeneuve hoisted his flag on 6 November 1804 and on board he hosted the Franco-Spanish war council at Cadiz. At the Battle of Trafalgar she was commanded by Capt. Magendie and defeated by Admiral Nelson's HMS Victory, losing 197 men and with 85 wounded and after three hours of fighting, she surrendered to HMS Conqueror.

The ship base, ship card and ship log are printed on two sides - the game data of a second ship is printed on the back. This ship pack can also be used to represent the French Bucentaure class ship of the line "Robuste 1806."