Sails of Glory HMS Africa 1781/HMS Vigilant 1774

Sails of Glory: HMS Africa 1781/HMS Vigilant 1774


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Sails of Glory: HMS Africa 1781/HMS Vigilant 1774

The Inflexible-class ships of the line were a group of four 64-gun third rates, designed for the Royal Navy by Sir Thomas Slade, based on his earlier design for the Albion class. These ships had a designed crew of around 500, and they were armed with 26 24-Pounder guns in the gundeck, 26 18-Pounder guns in the upperdeck, 10 4- pounder guns in the quarterdeck, and 2 9-Pounder guns in the forecastle.

HMS Africa participated to the last battle of the American War of Independence, at Cuddalore in 1783. She
returned to England once news of the peace arrived and was present at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, engaging
the combined Franco-Spanish fleet in battle. She later fought in the Baltic Sea during the Gunboat War and,
under the command of Captain John Bastard, Africa was part of the War of 1812, failing to catch the USS

The ship base, ship card and ship log are printed on two sides - the game data of a second ship is printed on the back. This ship pack can also be used to represent the British Intrepid class "HMS Vigilant 1774".

Designed to be used with the tactical ship-to-ship game system created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini, each Sails of Glory® Ship Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other Sails of Glory game product.

In each pack you will find all you need to play the ship: a special base with gaming stats, a ship log and, a specific deck of maneuver cards.