Late War Catalogue 2013

Late War Catalogue 2013


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Late War Catalogue 2013

includes 137 full-colour pages of the entire Late-war Flames Of War range.

Flames Of War, The World War II Miniatures Games splits the war into three distinct periods, Early war, Mid War, and Late ware. This catalogue includes our full range of miniatures that are suitable for Late war, as that has been the focus of Flames Of War for the last few years. As we continue releasing Early and Mid war books and miniatures over the next few years, the catalogue will get larger and larger.

We have tried to make sure that this catalogue is as up-to-date as possible at the time of going to press. New models are released every month while other miniatures are being retired to make way for updated versions; our range of miniatures is constantly evolving

This catalogue showcases hundreds of miniatures from the Battlefront Miniatures collection, as well as a large selection of miniatures from the private collection of the Flames Of War writers Mike Haught and Wayne Turner. So as well as being useful as a recognition guide, this catalogue provides great inspiration for your own projects.

Contents Includes:

■ The Hobby
■ Flames Of War Rulebook
■ Open Fire
■ Intelligence Handbooks
■ Germans
■ Finnish
■ Hungarians
■ British
■ Untied States
■ Soviets
■ Romanians
■ Miscellaneous
■ Aircraft
■ Decals
■ Terrain
■ GaleFore Nine Tools & Accessories