Fall Blau Army Group South June to December 1942

Fall Blau: Army Group South June to December 1942

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Fall Blau: Army Group South June to December 1942

Fall Blau: Army Group South, June-December 1942, is a simulation depicting the 1942 campaigns of Army Group South to take the Caucasus and Stalingrad using a modified version of the classic Operation Typhoon / Victory in the West system. This involves a chit pull for strong units to determine strength upon entering combat. The basic turn sequence is classic IGO-UGO which consists of movement and combat, with possible attacks for mechanized units during movement. Planes are simplified through the use of Air Points. The Axis player is limited by supply limitations. The support system being tied into supply easily restricts him from having the strength to attack everywhere at once!

Each turn covers 3 days of action, therefore, each scenario breaks battles off into smaller pieces for shorter playtime. Scale is just over 10km (6.5 miles) per hex and basic units are divisions, with Soviet corps, brigades, and tank battalions, as needed. Order of Battle from various sources, largely from the works of David Glantz, and fine tuned to give a reasonably accurate flow to the campaign.

Six maps run from Kursk in the north to towards Baku in the south across the diagonal. There are a few extra German divisions available as options. The Eleventh Armee can be kept from going to Leningrad and sent to help capture the oilfields as an option. Free setup options are available and automatic victory goals based on Hitler's whim.

Game Scale:
Game Turn: 3 days
Hex: 6.5 miles / 10 kilometers
Units: Battalion to Division

Game Inventory:
Three 22 x 34" full color mapsheets
Two 21 x 24" full color mapsheets
One 10 x 21" full color mapsheet
Four dual-side printed countersheets (980 1/2" counters)
One 32-page Fall Blau rulebook
Six single-side printed Player Aid Cards
Six dual-side printed Player Aid Cards
Three dual-side printed 4-page Player Aid Cards
One 10-sided die

Solitaire Playability: High
Complexity Level: Medium
Players: 2 or more
Playing Time: 1-50 Hours