Infinity Nomads Moderators from Bakunin (4) BOX

Infinity Nomads: Moderators from Bakunin (4) BOX

SKU: CVB 280584-0633

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Infinity Nomads: Moderators from Bakunin (4) BOX

This new Infinity unit box provides all the weapons options needed. Now you can compose a Fireteam of these Light Infantry in the Bakunin Sectorial Army. The Moderators are the tactical police unit of Bakunin, providing a rapid response force for any crisis situation.

Sales Info: This box includes four miniatures: a Moderator with Spitfire, a Moderator Hacker, a Moderator carrying a MULTI Sniper Rifle, and One Moderator armed with a Combi Rifle+Pitcher. This box is a great complement to the Bakunin Sectorial Starter Pack (REF.280583-0622).