Infinity Nomads Tomcats, Special Rescue Team BOX (4)

Infinity Nomads: Tomcats, Special Rescue Team BOX (4)

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Infinity Nomads: Tomcats, Special Rescue Team BOX (4)

The Tomcats Team is a unit of heroes with its members on active service around the clock. Originating from Corregidor, the Tomcats constitute the extreme situation intervention and reaction unit of the Nomad Military Force. To Corregidor, whose manpower works in deep space conditions, the existence of an emergency rescue team is essential. In space, the most hostile environment possible, accidents are always deadly. In such situations, to save lives and avoid more deaths, speed and precision are vital and there is no room for error. The wide range of their functions, and the flexible Nomad organizational structure, has seen the Tomcats become a militarized unit. Tomcats must be multi-skilled operatives, with varied specialities, allowing them to achieve success in any mission. The Nomad Military Force makes good use of their exceptional qualities in combat operations, as a quick response and support unit for situations which need special abilities. Their function is to serve in extraordinary rescues, immediate reaction operations and in extremis hostage liberation missions. In a nutshell, they save lives. When the alarm sounds, they know they have to go from zero to critical in seconds. They must be always at full performance. Their missions are always very important, and they must accomplish them without hesitation. Whether on a ship or deployed planetside, when they have to respond to a situation, there always are lives at risk. Believers in the aphorism ‘Sweat saves blood‘, the continuous and intensive instruction program of the Tomcats is crucial to guaranteeing success in their operations. Excellence is not an objective, it is the point of departure. The pressure of their service is brutal, but the recognition and regard of Corregidor society compensates it fully: all Nomad children want to be a Tomcat when they grow up.

  • 1x TOMCAT Engineer (Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower)
  • 1x TOMCAT Doctor (MediKit) (Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower)
  • 1x TOMCAT (D.E.P.)