Infinity Tohaa Sakiel Regiment - Spitfire (1)

Infinity Tohaa: Sakiel Regiment - Spitfire (1)

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Infinity Tohaa: Sakiel Regiment - Spitfire (1)

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: Given the relevance of number 3 in the Tohaa culture, all numbers that are multiples of 3 are reserved for designating prestigious multipurpose units, those notable for their mobile and adaptative qualities. The number 36, or Sakiel, refers to endeavor and stubbornness in the face of an enemy or a particular type of opposition.

Profile: There are two main requisites to be part of the Sakiel regiment. The first is to possess combat experience with a good record of frontline actions. The second is to have suffered a personal tragedy. All Sakiel are native to the Colonial Systems, all coming from Tohaa worlds that have fallen under the Evolved Intelligence’s domain. They have all seen their cities and their loved ones burn. They are all uprooted soldiers without a home to return to, without families with which to reunite. However, they all share a personal objective: Vengeance. Their sole purpose is to make EI pay for the atrocities it and its associated races have committed. A cold hate is nestled within the hearts of the Sakiel which erases any other emotion they might feel. None of them will fail in their commitment and not one will renounce their mission; the Sakiel are willing to make the ultimate sacrifices to strike back at their greatest enemy without hesitation, doubt, or mercy.