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TheWarStore Customer Testimonials

Ahhh the ubiquitous Customer Testimonials page. Every internet store publishes one. A bunch of stale customer comments and who knows how many years in compilation. Heck even K-Mart and United Airlines could get a dozen positive comments strung together if you gave them enough time.
We went after our Customer Testimonials page in a slightly different way. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service here at TheWarStore. So below is TheWarStore Customer Testimonials page presented entirely in TheWarStore style.

The following are unsolicited customer comments we received by email during a typical 30 day period this past year. We could have also included completely positive comments from at least 3 different public forums that we know about, but this will give you a general idea.

One month of e-mails to TheWarStore:

All goods received Monday via FedEx. Everything there, no problems. Thanks for the excellent service! Will definitely recommend you to others.... =)

Hey Neal,
Thanks for the update, expect monthly orders from now on from me!!! As I'm tryin to make yah my main etailer for minis & other mini related stuff!!! I'll let you know when they show.

Thanks. The fast service is much appreciated! Take care.

I must commend you on the speed with which my recent order was dispatched. And the price was wonderful indeed! I will always miss my 'FLGS' ('Friendly Local Games Store' -ed)back home, but with service like yours, I think I'll still be "in the game" wherever I may roam.
Thanks again

Thanks Neal, you are the best. Your fair business practices are what keep me and everyone else coming back. I will wear your shirt with pride (and hopefully do what it says) at the tournament.

Appreciate your timely assistance and look forward to future good business with you.

P.S. Under my links you are listed as the best seller for customer service
and you sure deserve such title ;)

I am incredibly satisfied with my business with you guys. Your turnaround time is so fast it nearly made my head spin. I thank you very much for the ultra quick service.

I recieved the order yesterday, thank you! You have earned a loyal customer!

I've been ording from your guys for years, and I love your service, and would like to place an order

T'anks, Neal. You are a prince among shoppies.

Have placed several orders for Perry figures with you in the last year or two; _always_ satisfied with the speed and quality of your service.

Thanks, Neal. You're the best. I'll tell everyone!

As always thank you for the great service, I am enjoying the set of Game Color paints I purchased from the war store recently.

No problem at all. Thanks for such a fast fix, your reputation for customer service is well deserved!

I love TheWarStore very much for I can buy such wide range of miniatures (From GW to very small companies) smoothly.

I got my order thanks a lot great service as usual from the warstore.

You just got a starting mini's person for life :) Thank you very much!

From a customer in Japan:
Dear Neal.
Your store is very good. I was glad at the estimate which you took out newly.
This is OK. I hope to receive a miniature safely from you.

Order recieved yesterday :) Thank you,
another happy customer,

Hi Neal,
Thanks so much for your help with the situation. Your honesty is refreshing and your swiftness in handling my questions admirable. I'll definitely be making further purchases with you in the future.

Thank is good to see such a personal touch and quick action from something as impersonal as electronic shopping. While I like to give buisness to my local hobby shop to help keep them in buisness ( and provide a local gathering place for gamers), I will be sending my large purchase buisness (esp. GW) your way. Keep up the good work

Over the past few years you have been a very steady source of gaming supplies. Great to work with, I like your prices, and the people I am have worked with (mostly you I believe) have been great. Just wanted to say thanks.

Hey Neal, Just wanted to say the new Army Transport is awesome. I've always been a big fan of the transports and I have several of them, but the new Mobile transport is great. Perfect for those large tanks. Have two land raiders for my daemonhunters and now I know where they are going! Thanks again Neal. Love the warstore.

That was fast! Thanks for your quick and extremely knowledgable reply, I'll be switching to your business for all my mini needs because of your customer service.

I’m very happy with the merchandise and service. The packaging and shipping was first rate. I look forward to a long customer relationship. Thanks.

Okay, since your website is so mind-numbingly convincing, I'll have to put myself in for one each...

Thanks a million Neal. I really appreciate the hand-holding. I'll get back to you with an order in the next few days. Let me say what a pleasure it is to have a positive customer-service related experience with an American company for a change.
G.H. (a different one :-)

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the speedy delivery of my forgeworld goodies. You just earned my buisness for all my FW gear..

Please go ahead and charge me for my entire order on my Visa Cash Card, what is shipped and what is back ordered and shipped later? It helps my wife with her monthly budget back in the States if all the money comes out at once. I have complete confidence that I will receive all figures over time and have certainly appreciated doing business with you.

I'm so far very happy with the quick shipping. I will definintely buy from you again. Maybe next time some GW stuff. Thanks,

Thanks Neal - Once again you take the cake in the cheapest, (well except ebay, but i couldn't find anything... and when you add shipping, you were actually STILL cheaper sometimes!!!)

Thanks guys, your kind words are much appreciated.
Neal Catapano