Dropzone Commander Resistance Fire Wagon (3)

Dropzone Commander Resistance: Fire Wagon (3)


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Dropzone Commander Resistance: Fire Wagon (3)

The fire wagon is unusual in that its primary weapon system is always built from scratch. Sources for giant, car-sized flamethrowers were unfortunately not common in pre-war arsenals! These homemade flamethrowers are uncomplicated and of a standard design, little changed from those made famous by battles long past. Squirting burning liquid at the enemy remains one of the most effective ways of dislodging infantry from structures and bunkers, even in these high-tech times. The deaths these weapons inflict on the enemy are horrific, although it’s safe to assume that its the way the vengeful operators of this machine like it.

3 x Fire Wagons per blister 
Length: 45mm (varies) 
10mm Scale 

Four Resin components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted