Dropzone Commander Resistance NT-4 Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft (1)

Dropzone Commander Resistance: NT-4 Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft (1)


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Dropzone Commander Resistance: NT-4 Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft (1)

The NT-4 Leviathan shares many of the characteristic qualities of its much smaller cousin the NT-1 Kraken. It is an air-cushion hovercraft type vehicle designed for amphibious surface assaults, although it is capable of full land based attacks due to its over-lift capabilities (although at the expense of increased energy burn). The Leviathan’s main stand-out quality is its sheer size. It is a truly gargantuan vehicle, dwarfing the standard heavy dropships employed by all other forces in all present theatres of combat. Indeed, it would be possible to comfortably land a UCM Albatross on the deck, were it not for the obstruction from the Leviathan’s massive engines. Despite its girth, the Leviathan has a lower lifting power than these far more advanced vehicles although it makes up for this in flexibility, simplicity and volume capacity. Its fuel consumption is more manageable and is much easier to maintain than dropships.

1 x NT-4 Leviathan per blister 
Length: 140mm 
10mm Scale

Nineteen Resin components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted