Dropzone Commander Resistance Scout ATVs - SPECIAL SALE

Dropzone Commander Resistance: Scout ATVs - SPECIAL SALE


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Dropzone Commander Resistance: Scout ATVs - SPECIAL SALE

 Scout ATVs operate ahead of the main Resistance force and use a wide range of pre-invasion tech to distort and hamper enemy targeting systems. So bizarre and esoteric are the constantly changing combinations used that even hyper-advanced Shaltari systems have been thrown off target by Scout ATVs.

It takes a special type of fighter to pilot an unarmed quad behind enemy lines, and for this reason Scout All-Terrain Vehicles feature mainly in Allied Resistance bands, where self-sacrifice is often the order of the day. However, these squads are sometimes seen in Feral bands, mostly in death cults, or those who’s leader is even more intimidating than the guns of the enemy.

Full rules and background for Resistance Scout ATVs are available free from the Hawk Wargames website.

Four 3-bike stands per blister 10mm Scale
12 White metal figures Supplied with four 45x22mm injection moulded plastic bases Models Supplied unassembled and unpainted