Dropzone Commander Scourge Eviscerators - SPECIAL SALE

Dropzone Commander Scourge: Eviscerators - SPECIAL SALE


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Dropzone Commander Scourge: Eviscerators - SPECIAL SALE

While 'ordinary' Scourge Destroyers are brutal and dreaded opponents in CQB, Eviscerators are truly terrifying. It is well known that Scourge parasites begin to lose their grip on their host when they reach old age, resulting in aspects of the insane remnants of the host's wracked psyche coming to the fore. While in a human host this is dangerous enough, in a Destroyer it results in raging monsters, tormented juggernauts of muscle and sinew that desire nothing but to rend every other living thing around them to pieces.

Experimental rules and background for the Eviscerators can be found on the Hawk Wargames website.

Four 3-man stands per blister
10mm Scale
12 White metal figures

Supplied with four 45x22mm resin bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted