Dropzone Commander Shaltari Dreamsnare/Leopard - SPECIAL SALE

Dropzone Commander Shaltari: Dreamsnare/Leopard - SPECIAL SALE


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Dropzone Commander Shaltari: Dreamsnare/Leopard - SPECIAL SALE

The leopard continues the Shaltari combined arms strategy first seen in the Jaguar. Instead of anti-tank and anti-air capability, this construct sports close support weaponry similar to that seen on a Dreamsnare or Firedrake, but with a concentrated Anti-vehicle weapon as well.

The Leopard uses Shaltari Microwave technology (amplified many times over by the fearsome power output of a warstrider) and focuses it through hardened prismatic beam generators. In effect, this creates a focused torrent of hyper-agitated molecules; a beam of molten air which immolates anything it touches with ease.

Coupled with the devastating Dragon Cannon, the Leopard is the Warstrider of choice for close up, battle hunger Shaltari who wish to look the enemy in the eye before scorching them from the face of the battlefield.

Full rules and background for Leopard are available free from the Hawk Wargames website.

Leopard (Share Blister with Dreamsnare)
1 model per blister
Height: 65mm