FOW Special Order Polish

Please Note!

  • These items are not regularly stocked here at TheWarStore and are subject to availabiltiy at Battlefront USA.
  • Special order items are ordered with our weekly Battlefront restock order that we place early every week.  Depending on when you order a special order can take 3-5 business days to arrive.
  • All items ordered with Special Order items will wait for the Special Order items to arrive before shipping. You may want to order Special Order items by themselves.
  • We only wait for one restock for special order items to arrive.  If they do not arrive that week they will be cancelled from your order and the missing items refunded.  In our experience special order item backorder wait times can be variable and often very long.

Have fun finishing your models and giving your units that custom look with Battlefront Special Order items!

Highlander Grenadier company


I need:
Highlander Grenadier company


I need: