Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers Jendal Bladeseeker

Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers: Jendal Bladeseeker

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Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers: Jendal Bladeseeker

The Barony of Jendal produces some of Faelon’s finest and most dangerous swordsmen. Before a Jendal Bladeseeker can advance in rank, he must complete a bladequest. Bladequests are multi-faceted journeys of personal trial and growth, but are also designed to return experience and lessons back to their homeland. Jendal Bladeseekers often find service as a freeband leader the perfect vehicle to carry them on their bladequests.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

4 pieces: body, sword, left arm, shoulder guard
25mm plastic base