Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers Karadal Bladesister

Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers: Karadal Bladesister

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Freeblades Falkaaran Adventurers: Karadal Bladesister

Karadal is charged with shielding Falkaar’s most open border, and the barony’s warriors serve on the front line of the kingdom’s defense. The Karadal bladeschool teaches one of the most direct fighting styles, concerned with striking the killing blow quickly and without wasted motion. The bladesworn of Karadal are cynical about the role of others, feeling they bear the burden of constant border clashes while others only talk of practice floors and mock combat.

32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Chris Jackson.

2 pieces: body, sword
25mm plastic base